iMedia Namibia

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Trips Full Of Interesting Stories!

iMedia Namibia is a professional photography and video production company and work in all areas of Namibia and surrounding countries.

Our photography and videography projects over the years have, taken us far and wide, imparting rich and interesting experiences. And on top of that, the videos, stills and material we were able to bring back, acts as a cherry on top - bringing experiences back to memory as if we were still there.

iMedia Namibia offers you over 30 years of solid experience in photography, video production, studio shoots and commercial projects. Our services are not offered part time - this is what we do - every day - and have done so for many, many years.

iMedia Namibia is a professional photography company based in Windhoek, Namibia. Our portable studio can be set up at your premises, home or office or you can come to our studio.

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iMedia Namibia defies gravity.

Recently we found ourselves in a peculiar position - our pockets were burning. To alleviate the problem, we purchased an Inspire Professional photograpy drone. The ultra high resolution still images and video is truely something to behold! Very usefull for building projects.

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Leaving the comefort of home.

One of the non-profit organisations we support is the Next Generation Conservation Trust. We were invited to join the radio flyers at Pokweni, where we were amazed, not only by all the aircraft and helicopters that flew around as if they had a mind of their own, but also by what some big boys are willing to spend on their toys.