iMedia are passionate about producing videos and photos of livestock which present the animals to their full potential.
Photos of livestock can make or break a sale on an animal. We say that unless a photo makes the animal look as good or better than itself, than you are better off without one.
We guarantee the photos we take present the animal to its upmost potential.
iMedia can produce photos for advertising, sale catalogues and show photography.

Videos of livestock are a very useful tool for producers. A video gives you a better understanding of an animal, such as structural characteristics, ability to move, size and balance. Most producers when purchasing livestock want to see the animals before buying, and videos can make this possible without the need to travel.
The videos we produce for advertising purposes include, on request, valuable information which we think is important when sourcing genetics. Information such as lot number, name, ID number, sire, dam, and the breeders details .

contact iMedia for more details and quotation.
More video and images coming shortly.

Brahman Stud


Live animal measurement of carcass traits.

Images .
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