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"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business." - Bill Gates

Package 1.

Domain ( this is your www.mycompany.com name) N$350.00 per annum in advance.

Hosting N$125.00 per month or N$1300.00 per annum.

Website design 5 pages N$6500.00 once off. Compare this to a 15x3 advert in the local newspaper @ ±N$3300.00 and then the adverts appears only once !

Your 5 pages for example could be as follows. Page 1. About us. Page 2. Contact us. Page 3. Picture gallery. Page 4. Services. Page 5. Video. We will recommend what you should have as each business is different.

Additional pages N$650.00

Maintenance of site change of text/images N$300.00 as required. i.e. if you want to run a special or change your prices , etc.

Photography is one of the most important factors of websites, a poor image can really ruin any site which is why we prefer to take the images for your site ourselves the cost is N$650.00 per hour regardless of how many images we take, we

then process and resize the photographs in order that they display correctly on the site.

A website provides information and location to clients, our designs are not fancy difficult to follow pages they are simple and to the point. All menus are easy to follow and always there so navigation is easy to follow. See
www.iMediaNamibia.com iMediaTours.com

Having a website in todays world is not a luxury it is an absolute necessity to have an online presence where prospective clients or other businesses can be aware that you exist. And once up and running is is the least expensive media for

advertising there is and its there 24/7/365 worldwide!

As an approximate total, N$ 350.00 for domain, hosting for 1 year N$1300.00 (you can pay monthly) 5 page website design N$6500.00, 1 hour photography N$650.00 Total N$8800.00. So not really expensive!

Prices exclude VAT.